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the cold plunge

What is a Cold Plunge? The Cold Plunge

A cold plunge is defined as submerging oneself entirely in frigid water for a certain amount of time. Typically, a plunge pool—a little, specially designed tub of water with a low temperature—is used for this.

The ideal temperature range for a cold plunge pool is between 7 and 12 ºC. For frequent users, this is plenty to stimulate the body without endangering their health. The ultimate objective is to undergo a contrast with an alternative therapy, typically a steam room or sauna.

This is the reason why spas, gyms, and sports clubs frequently have cold plunge pools. The variety of hydrotherapy choices and related therapies, like massages and sensory relaxation, are beneficial to users.

Designing and installing the cold plunge pool:

The ideal dimensions for a cold plunge pool are not predetermined. Making sure the water is cold enough to produce the intended impact is crucial. Furthermore, a moderately deep pool is beneficial for allowing individuals to submerge themselves completely. A depth of about one meter is ideal for this.

Large cold plunge pools are unnecessary since it is improbable that multiple people will wish to use them simultaneously. Swimming is not intended for these. This has the benefit of being adaptable; a plunge pool can be kept up quite quickly and fits into compact places. In addition, there are many different shapes to choose from. Although most plunge pools are rectangular, you can install one in a different shape based on the area and surroundings.

The adaptability of cold plunge pools can be a huge benefit from an aesthetic perspective. They are elegant and minimalistic and can be put above or below ground. Stainless steel single-piece structures go very well with contemporary design, especially when they’re squares with sharp edges.

But, more rustic settings might also benefit from the installation of a rounded plunge pool with a wood edge. Last but not least, a concrete plunge pool would also work nicely in most settings.

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Users fully submerge themselves in cold plunge pools, typically following a hot session (in a sauna or steam room) or a strenuous, hot workout. Certain establishments furthermore offer a hot plunge for contrast, which is approximately 38 ºC, enabling patrons to switch between the two water temperatures.

Starting cold therapy and gradually extending the amount of time spent in the cold water is an additional choice. Users have the option to switch to heat, such as a hot water pool or sauna, after pushing themselves to the maximum. On the other hand, some gyms furthermore provide warm baths and chambers for a softer, more comforting contrast.

It’s crucial to remember that the body adapts to any stimuli over time. Users’ tolerance to cold therapy will progressively increase after some exposure, enabling them to spend ever-longer periods of time in the cold pools. It’s crucial to start this exercise cautiously and gradually rather than diving into the chilly plunge pool for an extended period of time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for using the cold plunge pool:

  • Start with a warm shower upon entering the spa or wellness area
  • Enjoy a relaxing steam bath or sauna for 10-15 minutes (or however long is comfortable)
  • Switch to the cold plunge pool. Once in, focus on controlling your breathing and enjoying the tingling experience
  • When this becomes too intense or uncomfortable, get out and relax in a lukewarm room or bath.

We would recommend limiting time in the cold plunge pool to 2 minutes initially.

Conclusion on Cool Plunge Pool

One well-liked and efficient method for enhancing general health and wellness is cold plunge therapy. A plunge pool is a simple and visually appealing addition to any gym or wellness space. It will improve the aesthetics of your space and round out your wellness program without requiring a large upfront cost or ongoing maintenance.
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